After a break of what will be five months by the time of the next gate drop, Team HRC are set to resume the MXGP season on August 9th at the Latvian track in Kegums, an hour south of Riga. In what is a much-changed calendar from the before the COVID-19 outbreak, this new schedule looks set to include multiple rounds at the same venue, midweek races, and an all-new one-day format.

This is a major step forward for a campaign where reigning world champion Tim Gajser was on the podium at the only two rounds held so far. With two moto wins out of the four races, the Honda CRF450RW rider was in a strong position before the postponement of the season and he’ll be looking to come back where he left off in Kegums, for what is scheduled to be three races in seven days.

For his teammate Mitch Evans, this break has allowed him to recover from the shoulder injury which he sustained in Valkenswaard at round two, and with a further five weeks until the first moto, he’ll be hoping show the speed that saw him finish third in the first moto of the year in Great Britain.

Now though, the preparations for the riders begin in earnest with physical and bike training ramping up for this date, while the rest of Team HRC make sure the logistics and everything else in place for the commencement of the 2020 MXGP campaign.

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Tim Gajser

Tim Gajser 243

I was really surprised to see the new calendar, especially to do three races in Kegums and also three races in Lommel, in the deep sand. It is how it is though, so I know I need to work hard in the deep sand between now and then and try to get as ready as possible. I’m just looking forward to going racing again after such a long break. I miss the races, the weekends at the race tracks so I’m excited to get back to it.
I’m not sure how this one-day format will work completely but it will mean that track time is much more critical and we need to be ready to work on bike setup quickly and efficiently. Thankfully I know I have a really good team around me so I’m confident we can cope. Really though, I am just happy that they have released a calendar and we are going racing in one month’s time.

Mitch Evans

Mitch Evans 43

I’m happy to see the new calendar come out. It looks like it should go ahead finally, at least I’m optimistic that it should be getting back racing soon. The one-day format will be a new thing for the MXGPs, but for me it is just like racing in Australia where we have practice and qualifying in the morning and then two motos in the afternoon, so I should feel at home with it.
At the moment, with my injury, I’ve had one day back on the bike and I did some flat-track riding. I’ll do this for the first month and then see the surgeon at the end of July and then hopefully get the all-clear to start racing after that. Obviously, it’ll mean I’ll only having one week to really get ready on a normal track, to see how my shoulder feels before we go racing in Latvia, so I’m not sure if I’ll be 100% by then, as we’ll have to see how the shoulder keeps progressing. Hopefully it holds up well and feels good when I’m riding and then we’ll make a decision before that weekend. I’ve never had an injury like this, with this much time off the bike so it’s been tough. I’m really happy to be back on the bike though and getting back into normal training and with an exact date in mind, to build towards and see the rest of Team HRC, the fans and the MXGP paddock again.

Marcus Pereira De Freitas

Marcus Pereira De Freitas

HRC General Manager - MXGP

It’s great that we seem to have a solid calendar now to prepare for. It is five weeks until the first race so now we need to make sure that both Tim and Mitch are ready to start their engines and perform to their highest capabilities when the three Latvian races take place. There are lots of new changes to the format and the schedule and everything but we are professional group and I am 100% confident that we will be organised, and showing the best of Team HRC in this MXGP world championship.

GP of Latvia

Kegums, Latvia

MXGP 2020, Round 3

Rider Standings
Sunday, 8 Mar 2020 - Open world standings grid
# Rider Num Nationality Nat. Points Pts. Team Constructor Constr.
1 Jeffrey HERLINGS 84 NDL 94 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM
2 Tim GAJSER 243 SLO 85 Team HRC – MXGP Honda
3 Antonio CAIROLI 222 ITA 68 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM
4 Clement DESALLE 25 BEL 60 Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Kawasaki
5 Gautier PAULIN 21 FRA 58 Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha
6 Glenn COLDENHOFF 259 NDL 56 Standing Construct GasGas Factory Racing Team Gas Gas
7 Arminas JASIKONIS 27 LTU 53 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna
8 Jorge PRADO GARCIA 61 SPA 47 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM
9 Jeremy SEEWER 91 SWI 42 Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team Yamaha
10 Jeremy VAN HOREBEEK 89 BEL 39 Honda SR Motoblouz Honda
11 Mitch EVANS 43 AUS 34 Team HRC – MXGP Honda
13 Pauls JONASS 41 LAT 26 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna
14 Brian BOGERS 189 NDL 23 Marchetti Racing Team KTM KTM
15 Arnaud TONUS 4 SWI 23 Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha
16 Henry JACOBI 29 GER 23 Yamaha SM Action – M.C. Migliori Yamaha
17 Michele CERVELLIN 747 ITA 22 SDMCorse Yamaha Yamaha
18 Benoit PATUREL 6 FRA 21 Honda SR Motoblouz Honda
19 Evgeny BOBRYSHEV 777 RUS 17 PAR Homes RFX Husqvarna Husqvarna
20 Harri KULLAS 151 EST 11 Wildcard Rider Honda
21 Lars VAN BERKEL 107 NDL 9 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
22 Petar PETROV 152 BUL 7 Team VRT Nordpesca Holland KTM
23 Ivo MONTICELLI 128 ITA 6 Standing Construct GasGas Factory Racing Team Gas Gas
24 Alessandro LUPINO 77 ITA 6 Gebben van Venrooy Yamaha Racing Yamaha
25 Brent VAN DONINCK 32 BEL 5 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
26 Valentin GUILLOD 92 SWI 5 Honda SR Motoblouz Honda
27 Jordi TIXIER 911 FRA 3 Wildcard Rider KTM
28 Tanel LEOK 7 EST 3 A1M Husqvarna Husqvarna
29 Samuele BERNARDINI 321 ITA 2 Ghidinelli Racing Team Yamaha
30 Adam STERRY 811 GBR 2 JD Gunnex KTM Racing Team KTM
31 Calvin VLAANDEREN 10 NDL 2 Gebben van Venrooy Yamaha Racing Yamaha
32 Tom KOCH 226 GER 1 KTM Sarholz Racing Team KTM