Honda-RedMoto World Enduro Team is ready to start the new season.
After the long lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Thomas Oldrati and Roni Kytonen (Honda-RedMoto CRF 250RX Enduro) and Daniel McCanney (CRF 450RX Enduro) are ready for the first round of the Italian Championship.

A long-awaited restart not only from the public, but also from riders and teams, with the new calendars presented by the federations: a great job has been done to reprogram a real Italian and World Championship.

The Enduro World Championship will take place on 10 days with 5 different round all over Europe, starting from the French GP to the grand final which will be race in Spain. The Italian Championship will be race on 8 days (compared to the 9 originally scheduled), keeping almost unchanged the expectations of the beginning of the year and recovering the postponed races.

Last season Oldrati got the E1 class Vice World Championship title and finished second in the Overall Italian Championship too, winning the 250 4T class: this year too, the goal is to rule in both the championships.
McCanney aims to be among the ruler of the hard-fought E2 class of the World Championship and in the Italian too.
Roni Kytonen will race his first season in the Italian Championship. The race in Carpineti and the following one at the beginning of August will be a great training for the Junior World Championship.


18th-20th September France Réquista
25th-27th September Italy Spoleto
16th-18th October Germany Zschopau
06th-08th November Spain Lalin
13th-15th November Portugal Marco de Canaveses

4th-5th July: Carpineti (RE)
1st-2nd August: Passirano (BS)
3rd-4th October: Breno (BS)
31st October/1 November: Arma di Taggia (IM)

Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team ready to kick off the season

Thomas Oldrati #22

Honda CRF 250RX Enduro

It’s a great challenge. I have faced the post-lockdown preparation working on the athletic aspect, but even more with my Honda-RedMoto CRF 250RX Enduro. The bike training is fundamental in enduro: I improved a lot and it’s important keep it that way

Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team ready to kick off the season

Daniel McCanney #43

Honda CRF 450RX Enduro

The tests in January and February with my CFR 450RX Enduro and the preparation for this new season have been extremely positive. I’m fast and comfortable on the bike. There are still limitations in England, but together with the team we are working in order to race the first round of the Italian Championship.

Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team ready to kick off the season

Roni Kytonen #91

Honda CRF 250RX Enduro

I was able to continue my training without stopping as in Finland there are huge spaces. I have improved a lot: I’m fast and constant, lowering my times in different types of special test. I hope to repair Matteo Boffelli for the faith he has shown in me getting closer to Thomas and Daniel’s pace. We have a great potential, I can't wait to start

Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team ready to kick off the season

Matteo Boffelli

Team Manager

Finally it's time to start the season. I take this opportunity to thank the Italian Federation and the Italian Council directed by Franco Gualdi for the great work. I would also like to thank the FIM, the President Mr Jorge Viegas and the Chairman of the Enduro Commission Mr John Collins, who have worked hard to draw up the calendar of the new World Championship. It’s risky to talk about expectations, but it comes naturally when it treats about a great team as Honda RedMoto World Enduro one. Our story is a constant growth and we’ll do our best for our partner and sponsor