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Portugal Latest News: Round 3 - Race Report - Gouveia - 17/05/2015

Portugal flagRound 3 - Standings
1 Antoine Meo 117
2 Pierre Alexandre Renet 98
3 Alex Salvini 97
4 Johnny Aubert 65
5 Jaume Betriu 63
6 Loic Larrieu 61
7 Victor Guerrero 51
8 Oriol Mena 50
9 Deny Philippaerts 44
10 Nicolo Mori 39

Amazing victory for Alex Salvini, winner of E2 class in Portugal

Saturday, May 16th, 2015: a memorable day for Team Honda-RedMoto-Zanardo, winner of E2 class with Alex Salvini in the GP of Portugal, at Gouveia.

After the amazing victory of Saturday, on Sunday Salvini finished again on the podium with a gap of only 32 cents from the second position and 11 seconds from the first o... Read More >>

Enduro: Round 2 - Jerez de la Frontera - 04/05/2015

After the first GP of mid-April in Chile, at Talca, the Enduro World Championship makes the debut in Europe, on May 9th-10th with the Spanish Grand Prix, second round of the season... Read More >>

Enduro: Round 1 - Race Report - Talca - 20/04/2015

Great performances for Alex Salvini in E2 class and for Alessandro Battig in EJ in the GP of Chile, racing this weekend to Talca, about 250 km south of Santiago del Chile... Read More >>

Enduro - News - 30/07/2014

Guts. Grit. Determination. Sacrifice. ‘Alex Salvini, A Life Behind the Bars’ is the first episode in a new series that opens the door on the psyches of Honda riders and what it takes to get to the to... Read More >>
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