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Enduro: Round 6 - Race Report - St Hubert - 12/07/2015

The sixth round of the Enduro World Championship was raced this weekend in Saint Hubert, in Belgium. Located in the Walloon municipality, in the province of Luzemburg, the city of Saint Hubert is about 140 km south of Bruxelles, in the Ardennes hills... Read More >>

Enduro - News - 29/06/2015

It's been a long wait! But after more than three months the Enduro Italian Championship was back with the fourth round, raced on Sunday in Fabbrica Curone, near Alessandria. After three months of silence, in which Team Honda-RedMoto-Zanardo ride... Read More >>

Enduro: Round 5 - Race Report - Rovetta - 21/06/2015

Team Honda-RedMoto-Zanardo was among the major players of the Grand Prix of Italy, the 42° "Valli Bergamasche", raced on June 20th-21st in Rovetta (near Bergamo), fifth round of the Enduro World Championship.... Read More >>

Enduro: Round 5 - RovettaRovetta - 17/06/2015

The GP of Italy, fifth round of the Enduro World Championship, is scheduled on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st in Rovetta (Bergamo), in Alta Val Seriana area.... Read More >>
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